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The Seismic Platform is a field of investigation and scenic-choreographic production structured for the project "We are Sublte, You are Explicit", with the support of the of local government open call Edital de Fomento à Dança by the city of São Paulo.

seismic platform (2022)

Directed by Leandro Souza | Performance Allyson Amaral, Ana Carolina Yamamoto, Larissa Alexandre, Maria Fernanda Machado, Martim Gueller, Mayk Santos, Milton Aires, Nina Giovelli, Rafael da Costa, Renan Marcondes, Rodrig Raiz and Uarê Erremays | Collaboration Carolina Nóbrega | Sound Design Ines Terra | Lighting Design Gabriele Souza | Costume Design Arieli Marcondes | Graphic Design Renan Marcondes | Production Tetembua Dandara

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