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they do contemporary dance (2019)

They Do Contemporary Dance is a solo choreographic work created from the tensions and issues involved in the presence of black artists in contemporary Western dance. Through the intertwining of movement, word and object, the artist seeks a synthesis scene capable of giving vent to these noises. In They Do Contemporary Dance, issues related to blackness are articulated from new understandings of choreography and in dialogue with performance art, to simultaneously put two identities at stake: that of blackness and that of dance itself.

Conception, dance and choreography by Leandro Souza | Interlocution Ana Pi, Inés Terra, Renan Marcondes and Thais de Menezes | Lighting Design Gabriele Souza | Sound Design Thiago Salas | Graphic Art Pedro Campanha | Costume design Leandro Souza | Stage Design Leandro Souza and Tetembua Dandara | Stagehand Guilherme Guerreiro Schultz | Photos and Filming Bruta Flôr Filmes| Production Tetembua Dandara | Supported by ProAC São Paulo |


Premiere in July 2019, SESC Campinas, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.

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