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In We are Subtle, You are Explicit, the performers Leandro Souza and Allyson Amaral start from the speech – “we are subtle, you are explicit” - from a European to the artist Leandro Souza, during a conversation about contemporary dance, in 2017.

The choreographers explore the dynamics between "We" and "You", in a creation woven by the entanglement between body and word. An attempt to scratch the record, produce vocal and body cacophonies, make evident mechanisms for capturing bodies and subjectivities.

we are subtle, you are explicit (2022)

Conception and Direction by Leandro Souza | Creation and performance Allyson Amaral and Leandro Souza | Collaboration Carolina Nóbrega, Haroldo Saboia and Ines Terra | Soundtrack Ines Terra | Lighting Design Gabriele Souza | Costume Design Luiz Claudio Silva | Graphic Design Renan Marcondes | Technicians  Diego Soares and Matias Ivan Arce | Production Tetembua Dandara | Production assistance Mariana Dias | Photo Mariana Chama

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